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Sports Injuries and Surgery

Sports is an effort that increases the body’s organic resistance, improves the physiological capacity of the systems which also preserves and maintains this capacity. Injuries that may occur during this effort may arise due to the nature of the sport, as well as due to insufficient preparation before starting sports.

The knee joint is in the first place among the areas exposed to sports trauma. Ankles, hip and groin area, shoulder joints, thigh area, spine, elbow joints, wrists and hands are other body parts that can be injured during sports activities.

Athletes can return to sports only with a correct, real and fast program. The most critical problem here is to shorten the time to return to sports. Some musculoskeletal disorders only require surgical treatment in athletes. This is the only way to return to sports. Although the accuracy of surgical treatment is decisive, it is not sufficient on its own. For the continuity of sports activity, the effectiveness of the rehabilitation program to be applied after surgery is at least as important as surgical treatments.

Common sports injuries can be listed as follows:

-Meniscal tears in the knee joint

-Anterior/posterior cruciate ligament or multiple ligament injuries in the knee joint

-Cartilage injuries in the knee joint

-Rotator cuff tears in the shoulder joint

-Labral tears in the shoulder joint

-Labral tears in the hip joint

-Ankle ligament injuries

Depending on the severity of the injuries listed above, conservative and surgical treatment options are available. In surgical treatments, arthroscopic interventions (see; Arthroscopic surgery) are frequently applied.