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Congenital Hallux Varus Deformity

Big toe deformities are common problems in adults, causing problems in wearing shoes and pain in addition to cosmetic problems, often requiring surgical treatment. In children, the treatment of thumb deformities, which are much rarer, is very difficult. Usually, there are other foot deformities accompanying these congenital problems. After the bone and soft tissue surgery (tendon transfer) we performed on a patient who was admitted to us at the age of 6, who had previously been operated on in another center for thumb polydactyly (more fingers than normal) and hallux varus (midline-inverted thumb) deformity, we have also completed the 4th year follow-up. You can see here the video of the clinical and radiographic images of this case, which we published together in the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association (JAPMA) in 2021 with my dear colleagues, operating surgeons Barış Kadıoğlu & Namık Kemal Özkan, and Assoc. Prof. Budak Akman. The most important difference of thumb deformities in children from adult deformities is that the surgical treatment must be followed closely until the skeletal system growth is completed and that it is necessary to be prepared for additional interventions when necessary.